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Exercise Rehab

Specially trained in assessing and treating musculo-skeletal injuries, our doctors have successfully treated thousands of patients with work injuries, automobile accident injuries, and sporting injuries, using exercise therapy and rehabilitation.

In addition to providing patients with the best chiropractic treatment possible, we offer our patients rehabilitation programs, including therapy and supervised exercises, in the clinic. The in-office therapy sessions are complemented by a home exercise program designed for each individual patient’s needs.

We also utilize the newest in exercise rehab technology with the ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movement) machine.  The ATM2 has provided many of our patients with immediate and long term relief for various musculoskeletal injuries, restriction, and pain.  From back pain and neck pain to hip and should injuries, the ATM2 has been an invaluable device in restoring proper and pain free range of motion and function for these areas.  In essence the ATM2 device re-trains what we call your nerve muscle connections or firing patterns to function properly and without pain.

Exercise therapy is an integral part of ensuring that patients not only get out of pain, but stay out of pain by working to correct the problem, not just treat the pain.

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