Therapeutic Massage May Be Incorporated Into a Treatment Plan or Used as a Standalone Therapy

The muscles and joints of your musculoskeletal system are intended to work together dynamically. Not only does this provide you with a fluidity of motion when you walk, but the relationship between all these components as well as the associated connective tissues can also impact your quality of life. When... Read more »

Your General Fitness Level Might Influence Your Treatment Plan

Chiropractic care and the holistic principles associated with many of our treatments continue to grow in popularity, with individuals struggling to deal with joint, back and musculoskeletal discomfort. Without effective treatment, even a seemingly minor or acute problem can gradually worsen into a chronic condition that impacts your overall quality... Read more »

Can Chiropractic Care Help You With Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals?

Americans have been struggling with their weight for some time now. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services confirms that two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and there's seemingly no limit to the amount of money being spent trying to lose excess weight and keep it off. And... Read more »

What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Visit

When you come into our Health & Wellness Clinic, in Layton, Utah, our chiropractic team will work with you to diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders, focusing on using manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Our goal is to improve your day to day function while lowering pain you may... Read more »

Improving Lower Body Flexibility Can Help Manage Lower Back Pain

The human back is one of the most complicated parts of the body. It includes a series of joints, nerves, muscles and assorted connective tissues that all work together cohesively to allow you move comfortably through life. Unfortunately, back issues are all too common in the American population. The American... Read more »

Chronic Neck Pain Can Hamper Your Quality of Life

Your neck and spinal column include many bones, connective tissues and other structures to provide support for your body as well as accommodate the elements of your peripheral nervous system. Unfortunately, there are a variety of things that can affect these important components, including the muscles, connective tissues and cartilage... Read more »

Instrument-Based Adjustments Can Comfortably Address Back and Joint Pain

The human musculoskeletal system is a complex network of muscles and bones. Connective tissues and joints also need to work together to provide you with the natural synergy of motion. Injuries, posture issues and alignment problems can cause increased levels of discomfort. The chronic pain associated with many of these... Read more »

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments May Be Integrated into a Treatment Plan to Help Recover From an Automobile Accident

The mass and potential speed of modern-day motor vehicles can sometimes carry significant force. While automotive manufacturers have made profound strides in vehicle handling and safety, a car accident can still cause significant trauma to the human body. Here at the Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, Utah, our chiropractors... Read more »

Therapeutic Exercises Might Help Address Lower Back Pain

Many people complain of some degree of lower back pain at various points in their life. This could be related to muscular issues, injuries, chronic posture problems or degenerative disc disorder. Here at the Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, Utah, our chiropractors Dr. Daniel Hendricks D.C. and Dr. Spencer... Read more »

Massage Therapy Can Be Used to Treat a Variety of Issues

Stress, tension, poor posture, tendinitis as well as injuries to muscles and joints can significantly hamper your overall quality of life. Here at the Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, Utah our chiropractors and staff can help address these issues in a variety of ways. Our chiropractors Dr. Daniel Hendricks... Read more »