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What Is Spinal Decompression?
This non-surgical treatment is used to help with serious lower back pain (with or without leg pain) or neck pain (with or without arm pain). This treatment can relieve pain from bulging or herniated discs, degenerative discs, facet syndrome, sciatica, and headaches. Decompression reduces pressure on sensitive tissues. In addition, it promotes blood and fluid flow into the disc, thus bringing a faster, natural healing.

What Conditions Can Decompression Help?

– Pain from bulged or herniated discs
– Lower back pain
– Recurrent pain from a failed neck or back surgery
– Neck pain
– Pain caused by degenerated discs

What Should I Expect During Treatment?
Spinal decompression is a very gentle treatment. First, you will lie on a table and your muscles will be heated, massaged, and relaxed. After this, you will lie on the D.T.S. decompression table and a belt strap will be wrapped around your pelvis. The belt is a part of the section of the machine that distracts your spine from the amounts of pull. Many patients find this treatment so relaxing that they fall asleep. When this stage of treatment is complete, ice packs and electrical stimulation will be used to further reduce the swelling in the area of discomfort. Very slight spinal adjustments are made if necessary. Lastly, a cold laser will be used to stimulate your cells to further healing and create more energy. Each treatment lasts about 50 to 60 minutes and most people need around 12 to 15 treatments.

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