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Massage therapy is a treatment that most people enjoy as it helps to reduce stress, relieve tension, and improve the body. Massage therapy has been linked to a number of other health improvements and continues to grow as one of the most effective treatments to promote relaxation throughout the body. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect when you receive a massage:

  1. Relaxation. The entire process of receiving a massage is designed around relaxation. When the body is stressed, it harnesses unhealthy levels of cortisol. Too much cortisol leads to concerns with sleeping, weight gain, digestive ailments, and more. 
  2. Keep stress in check. Too much stress is one of the worst ailments for the body. Not only does stress cause physical pain, it can lead to emotional distress. Regular massage therapy will help to reduce cortisol levels and keep stress under control. 
  3. Improve circulation. Massage therapy is designed to provide long-term benefits and improving circulation is one of those benefits. Proper circulation will promote healing to the muscles. Pressure during a massage will cause new blood flow into the tissues, and pulls lactic acid out of the muscles. 
  4. Improve posture. Having correct posture is critical to your overall health. Posture impacts the back, neck, and several muscles in the body. We often find chronic back pain is normally linked to poor posture. 
  5. Improve immune system. The immune system needs to be working correctly in order to be ready to protect against infections, bacteria, and pathogens. Regular massage helps to control stress but aids in boosting the body’s cytotoxic capacity and provides nourishment to the body. 

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