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Each year, 20-50 million people are injured or disabled from car accidents. If you have ever been in a car accident, you know how easy it is to sustain an injury, whether that is a simple injury or a long-term injury, car accident injuries cannot be ignored. Chiropractic treatment following a car accident can improve mobility, reduce inflammation, and strengthen your body. At Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, we offer several chiropractic treatments for car accident injuries

Common Auto Accident Injuries 

Following a car accident, patients often experience a wide range of injuries and painful symptoms. Here are some of the most common issues you may be facing after auto accidents:

  • Cuts – These injuries are common due to broken glass and debris flying in the car. It is typical for a patient to be treated on-site by emergency responders for minor cuts, but larger ones will require stitches and a professional doctor to properly treat them.
  • Whiplash – Many patients experience whiplash and soft tissue damage following an auto accident. In many cases, soft tissue damage will lead to chronic pain if it is not effectively treated. 
  • Spine and Back – Patients often deal with back pain related to a car crash. Lower back sprain or slipped discs are common conditions we treat in our Layton chiropractic office. It is important to follow correct treatments for spinal manipulation to get to the root cause of pain and ensure we are focused on strengthening the spine and back.
  • Burns – It is common for patients to experience painful burns due to car accidents. Thermal burns can be painful and often lead to permanent scarring. 
  • Fractures – Broken limbs are common following car accidents, especially if the individual was thrown around in the car or thrown from the car. Fractures can heal in a matter of weeks or months, but chiropractic treatment can help to improve the healing time with effective treatments focused on stimulating blood flow to the area and strengthening the muscles surrounding the injury. 


Reduce Painful Inflammation 

Inflammation is one of the most common ailments that occurs following a car accident. The force from even a 20 mile per hour crash often leads to soft tissue damage. Whiplash often results in painful micro-tears.  Micro-tears are small tears in the ligaments, which are not detectable on an X-ray. These micro-tears are normally the main culprit causing pain and inflammation following a car accident. What occurs in the car accident is the individuals head is thrown back and forth and side to side in a rapid motion. Having the muscles jerked so quickly, and without being prepared to do so will lead to painful side effects. 

Patients come in for whiplash and other injuries sustained from a car accident, and they often find improvement thanks to our chiropractic treatment. Some of the treatments we focus on include spinal manipulation and muscle relaxation, which causes the body to release IL-6, a natural substance released by the body, which aids in the reduction of inflammation. Each patient has different injuries sustained from car accidents, which is why it is so important to schedule a consultation for our experts to evaluate the severity of your injuries and create a customized patient treatment plan. 

Treating Scar Tissue

Following an injury, the body starts working to heal itself. Scar tissue can form inside the body, which can hinder your range of motion and cause a unique type of pain. Muscles that develop scar tissue need to have correct treatment to break up the scar tissue, allowing them to work effectively. Many times, the reason why people feel so stiff after an accident is because of the scar tissue. A chiropractic adjustment can help to break up the scar tissue, improving your entire body. 

Restore Range of Motion 

If you have been injured in a car accident, and you now have limited motion, contact our Layton chiropractic office. We work to target the real problem, not just treating the symptoms. Quite often additional muscles will be forced to overcompensate for the issues that have occurred, which can make it harder to get to the root source of pain and inflammation. Our goal has always been to work on restoring range of motion to help you get back to enjoying your life. Range of motion is restored when we focus on healing the area with stimulation therapy, which improves blood flow. With improved blood flow comes nutrients, which your muscles need in order to start healing. Many of our patients find improvement in range of motion after just a few treatments. 

Reducing Pain with Chiropractic Treatment

Studies conducted on patients who have undergone chiropractic treatment following a car injury prove that people experience less pain. In fact, chiropractic treatment often reduces the need for surgery, or helps to improve the healing time following a surgery. Physical manipulation is designed to help the body release pain-reducing hormones, designed to reduce inflammation, improve elasticity, strengthen flexibility, restore range of motion, and reduce overall recovery time. 

Injuries from car accidents will disrupt your life. Don’t wait to contact a chiropractor! Contact our office as soon as possible so we can begin treatment and prevent injuries from getting worse. Everyone’s bodies respond differently to car accidents, which is why it is imperative to have a consultation with our therapists to put together the best patient treatment program for your needs. Don’t let a car crash ruin your life and lead to life-long injuries that you cannot recover from. Natural Health and Wellness in Layton is here to help improve your life with correct manipulation. We provide low-risk treatments designed to enhance your life. Schedule a consultation today!