Back pain causes problems for over 31 million Americans each year. If you are experiencing back pain, obtaining proper treatment is vital to living a healthy life. A strong lower back is vital to support the rest of your body. At Health and Wellness Clinic, we provide multiple treatments for back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

Almost everyone will suffer with back pain sometime during their lifetime. The back is a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints. Strained muscles, sprained ligaments, and other issues can lead to chronic pain. In most instances patients can find relief from proper treatments such as spinal manipulation help to provide relief to patients.

Treatments for Back Pain

Patients will need to receive a screening to determine the extent of the back pain, and allowing our doctors to determine the best treatments for back pain. As each patient is different, we always focus on creating personalized patient treatment plans to provide effective, long-term relief. Spinal conditions are the most common condition the majority of chiropractic offices treat, at Health and Wellness Clinic, we have heard similar stories of back pain over the years. Pain in the low back, pain in the lumber spine, upper back pain, and cervical spine pain are all some of the most common back pain conditions we treat. 

Manual Manipulation for Back Pain Relief 

Patients with back pain often find relief from manual manipulation. Some patients have been using medications for years and are seeking an effective, long-term solution to help treat the issue instead of just managing the pain. We have a variety of modalities we use to help reduce muscle tension and tightness as well as improving problems with nerve irritation and more. Some of the things we will discuss include:

    • Balance 
    • Flexibility 
    • Strength

To understand your pain, we focus on identifying what is contributing to the symptoms you are experiencing. Our goal is to improve your health and help you get back to enjoying your life without pain. 

Managing Pain and Finding Relief

Health and Wellness Clinic is focused on helping you find natural, effective ways to manage pain, relieve swelling, and improve your quality of life. Utilizing the proper treatments, we have seen improvement in our patients health, with many of them stating they noticed improvement including;

    • Decreased inflammation
    • Improvement in range of motion
    • Improvement in flexibility 
    • Decreased pain
    • Improved quality of life

Contact our Layton Chiropractic office to discuss your back pain concerns. Our expert team is here to help you on your way to living a healthier life without frustrating back pain!