According to medical researchers, seven out of 10 people will suffer from neck pain throughout their lifetime. If you find yourself dealing with neck pain on a frequent basis, it is a good idea to have your neck checked by a professional chiropractor. Neck pain is directly related to several key areas including the muscles, ligaments, and joints. 

Neck pain is difficult to deal with as it can be a minor issue or something that is long-term. Determining the source of neck pain is essential to create the proper treatment plan to improve mobility, reduce pain and inflammation, and to improve your day-to-day life. Here are some of the common neck pain symptoms:

    • Stiff pain
    • Limited mobility 
    • Stabbing pain 
    • Sharp, shooting pain
    • General soreness and muscles tender to the touch
    • Radiating pain that leads to pain throughout the upper torso

A number of issues can cause neck pain. It’s common to have no problems at bed, sleep in a different position, and wake up with excruciating neck pain. The muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous system all play a role in those neck pain causes. Other common reasons for neck pain include:

    • Improper posture
    • Whiplash 
    • Sports related injury 
    • Fall or slips

There are other reasons that may cause one to suffer neck pain, as it could related to other health conditions. It is important to have a licensed chiropractor examine your neck to determine the severity of your injury and condition. At-home stretching and treatment may be recommended in addition to treatments in our Layton office. 

Correct, routine chiropractic care can provide patients with an effective way to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and increase the healing time. For patients looking for new ways to reduce pain and swelling, chiropractic care has been touted as one of the best options for neck pain treatment. Chiropractic care often focuses on the use of functional modalities designed to promote healing. Many patients find chiropractic care helps them to reduce the need for medications to help with pain management and reduces the risk of invasive treatments. 

Chiropractic care adjustments are designed to reduce joint pain and restrictions. Many patients have misalignment issues, which also have a direct impact on the neck. Improving the function of the spine can aid in reducing many pains throughout the body. Chiropractic care is designed to not only assist with muscular treatment, but also the nervous system function. 

Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton is here to help you manage your neck pain and improve healing. To see if chiropractic care is the solution you need for your current aches and pains, contact us today.