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The mass and potential speed of modern-day motor vehicles can sometimes carry significant force. While automotive manufacturers have made profound strides in vehicle handling and safety, a car accident can still cause significant trauma to the human body.

Here at the Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, Utah, our chiropractors Dr. Daniel Hendricks, D.C. and Dr. Spencer Rollins, D.C. have years of training and experience with helping patients recover from injuries suffered in an automobile accident. Some patients may also be referrals from other physicians in the area who require special chiropractic care.

After a comprehensive chiropractic exam, which might also include other diagnostics, we will present you with a treatment plan tailored to your injuries as well as your personal goals.

If your injuries involve lower back pain, joint distress or a related musculoskeletal dysfunction, we might include a series of gentle chiropractic adjustments in your treatment plan. Our chiropractors offer various techniques, including traditional manual adjustments, spinal decompression or computer-aided adjustments that use the state-of-the-art Pro-adjuster from Sigma Align.

If necessary, we might also instruct you on some basic stretches and exercises that you can do at home to help maximize your results and restore some of your natural mobility.

If you live in the Layton, Utah, area and you need help recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile accident, you should call 801-544-4333 to schedule an appointment at the Health and Wellness Clinic.