At Health & Wellness Clinic, we love reading how our patients have achieved wellness with our services. We invite you to read the experiences of our patients and learn about what you can expect when you visit our chiropractors. If you have your own testimonial, we welcome you to let us know. Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Rollins are pleased to provided chiropractic services in Layton, Utah, for many people, and we look forward to doing the same for you. Contact us today for your appointment!

I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs in December 2009. One medical doctor told me I could try spinal infections to help alleviate swelling, but if symptoms worsened I would need surgery. I am a 31 year old runner and did not want to be out of commission for a few months due to surgery. Plus I am a mother of 2 small children who depend on me for most everything.

I decided to explore my options. I asked a few different kinds of medical professionals– a radiologist, a chiropractor and a pain doctor. The radiologist and pain doctor both told me I needed to consider surgery and stop doing what I love – RUNNING! The chiropractor told me about disc decompression.

When I started disc decompression I had, at that point, lost about 80% control over my right leg due to nerve compression from the herniation. After 8 sessions of decompression I had about 95% of strength back in that leg.

3 months after starting disc decompression I ran the Boston Marathon and bettered my time by 5 minutes. My back still feels great. I have absolutely no pain in that right leg or lower back.
Thanks to the doctors at Layton Chiropractic – Health and Wellness Clinic. I am planning on continuing running and going in for occasional maintenance on my back!

–Elisha Walton, Kaysville, UT

“Being told surgery was imminent, to relieve constant back pain, I started looking for alternative pain relief. Epidurals were effective for several years then they became ineffective. I then tried decompression and laser treatments, 2 free treatments. The complete treatment was $5000 up front. Being a retiree it was more than I chose to commit to at that time.

I found the Health and Wellness Clinic, the same treatment, for a price I could afford. I started in June and by mid July, I was pain free. The complete service offered by this clinic and the home exercise program they started me on have given me back the lifestyle I used to enjoy.
Thanks to all the kind, professional people at the Health and Wellness Clinic.”

– Carol Doyle, Clinton, UT

“I had a lower back injury from a boating accident. My doctor told me it would just take time to heal. After four months of debilitating pain, I came to the Health and Wellness Clinic in Layton, UT. After a few treatments of spinal decompression I am now completely pain free. What a relief!”

– Tammie Kartchner, Farmington, UT

“I have been coming to the Health and Wellness Clinic for about 3 years. I first tried the regular chiropractic treatment but got little relief for pain in my lower back. The decompression treatments have been really great in reducing the sharp pains I got in my back. The price for treatments has been very reasonable.”

– Alvin A., Ogden, UT

“The spinal decompression treatments and chiropractic care I received from the Health and Wellness Clinic of Layton have kept me off the surgeon’s table and helped me resume an active lifestyle.

Dr. Hendricks and his team of knowledgeable professionals provide first-rate care at reasonable prices with outstanding results. Thank you Dr. Hendricks and your team for restoring my quality of life!”

– Marc Hanlin, Syracuse, UT

“I work on airplanes and was having real problems walking from hanger to hanger while having to deal with real pain in my lower back and legs. It got to the point that something had to be done.

I made an appointment with the Health and Wellness Clinic. The treatment program was a total success. No pain and no need for pills to take the pain away.”

– Gary Olsen, Layton, UT

” I was diagnosed with DJD and Stenosis of the lumbar spine, and wanted to avoid invasive procedures. I opted for DTS (spinal decompression) treatment at the Health and Wellness Clinic. The ongoing, once monthly, treatment has all but eliminated the paresthesia in my right leg.”

– Mervyn M., Ogden, UT