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The human spinal column is a dynamic, complex, and essential part of the human body. It includes a variety of structures including vertebrae, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, cartilage structures, and much more.

There are times when an unfortunate accident, injury, or awkward fall can cause one of the cartilage discs that buffer the vertebrae to slip out of their intended position. Also known as a ruptured or herniated disc, this condition can cause significant discomfort, tingling or numbness, as well as a weakness in the nearby limbs.

Here at the Health & Wellness Clinic located in Layton, Utah, our chiropractors Daniel Hendricks, D.C. and Spencer Rollins, D.C. can assess a herniated disc and the related factors to help develop an effective treatment plan.

In some of these cases, individuals suffering from a herniated disc might benefit from a spinal decompression treatment.

This treatment process starts with you laying on a table where your muscles will be heated, massaged, and relaxed. At this point, you will be moved to the D.T.S. decompression table and a special belt will be secured around your pelvis. It is an integral part of the machine that distracts your spine.

Once this is done ice packs and electrical stimulation will be used to further reduce the swelling and latent discomfort. Then a cold laser will be used to stimulate local cells to bolster the healing process.

If you live in the Layton, Utah, area and you have been experiencing symptoms of a herniated disc, you should call 801-544-4333 to schedule an exam at the Health and Wellness clinic.