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The therapists at [practice_name] offer a variety of massage techniques, from gentle, stress-relieving massages to deep tissue trigger point therapy.

What Is a Massage?
Pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments is a massage. The amount of pressure used in a massage can vary a good deal. Stress-relieving massages are generally very light and gentle. A deep massage uses slower strokes with deep pressure. A deep massage targets the deep layers of muscle and connective tissues. This type of massage can help with muscle damage from injuries. Trigger point massages, which can be provided after an injury or overuse of a muscle, focus on areas of tight muscle fibers.

What Are the Benefits of a Massage?
According to studies, massage therapy can help with:

– Stress
– Pain
– Muscle tension
– Injuries like strains and sprains to ligaments and muscles
– Tendinitis
– Poor circulation
– Poor posture

Is a Massage for Me?
Although most patients can benefit from a massage, there are some instances in which a massage would not be appropriate. A massage may not be for you if you have:

– Bleeding disorders
– Blood-thinning medication
– A fracture
– Burns or healing wounds
– Severe osteoporosis
– Deep vein thrombosis
– Severe thrombocytopenia

We encourage you to contact our office at [phone] today to learn more about the benefits of a massage in [city], [state], and to schedule a visit with our doctors, Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Rollins.