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Chronic lower back pain can impede mobility, hamper the quality of life and lead to other complications. These could include pain in the legs, difficulty sleeping, postural issues and other problems.

Fortunately, our chiropractic specialists located in Layton, Utah, can help diagnose and develop a treatment plan for many cases of chronic lower back pain. The underlying cause of will factor heavily in the treatment plan our doctors put forth.

After a comprehensive diagnosis, Daniel Henricks, DC, and Spencer Rollins, DC, might recommend spinal decompression. This can be used to treat serious lower back pain with or without leg pain, neck pain with or without arm pain, bulging or herniated discs, degenerative discs, facet syndrome, sciatica and headaches.

This treatment process differs from traction in several ways. It uses a computerized decompression to vary the pull throughout the treatment. This helps to eliminate muscle guarding that sometimes occurs during a standard traction treatment. It also aids in increasing blood and fluid flow into the disc which helps promote faster healing.

A treatment plan like this will likely include multiple spinal decompression treatments. Some patients might need 12 to 15 treatments to affect the significant improvement of your lower back pain. We pride ourselves on helping our patients afford treatments. We set our decompression treatment prices far below other practitioners!

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