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Many people experience lower back pain throughout the course of their lives. It is even more likely to occur as you age. This could be related to any number of lifestyle activities, and genetic factors.

Here at the Health and Wellness clinic in Layton, Utah, our chiropractic specialists are well-versed in a wide range of treatments to help reduce lower back pain. This might start with a chiropractic adjustment or other treatments.

Follow up or rehabilitative care might also call for you to perform some basic stretching exercises each day.

This might include knee to chest double spine stretches, spine stretches, prone to elbow stretches, as well as alternating quadruped arm and leg stretches, to name a few. Most of these stretches can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

Dr. Hendricks and Dr. Rollins can help you understand how to perform each stretch while also helping you understand other lifestyle factors that will help reduce your lower back pain symptoms. This might also include weight loss, light exercise, and dietary changes.

If you live in the Layton, Utah area and you have been struggling to deal with lower pain, you should consider calling 801-544-4333 to set up an appointment with the chiropractic specialists at the Health and Wellness clinic.